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Castillo de Locubín

The surroundings of El Jardín de Castillo, located in the charming town of Castillo de Locubín, in the Sierra Sur de Jaén, offer a variety of natural and cultural experiences to explore. Surrounded by a unique natural environment, it invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the region.

and Nature

Immersed in a privileged natural setting, El Jardín de Castillo provides the opportunity to discover the beauty and authenticity of the Sierra Sur de Jaén. The town of Castillo de Locubín is the ideal starting point to explore the wonders of the region.

Just a few steps from our complex, you will find the birthplace of the San Juan River, an idyllic place where you can cool off in crystal-clear waters and enjoy pleasant hiking trails. If you’re looking for more intense experiences, the via ferrata will challenge you to practice adventure sports in a stunning natural environment.

Castillo de Locubín, a town rooted in its traditions, stands out for its olive and cherry crops. Experience the local culture and discover the secrets of olive oil production and the sweetness of fresh cherries during the season. As part of the starlight reserve, the pristine night sky makes Castillo de Locubín a privileged place to enjoy the stars during the long summer nights.

Fotografía de un paisaje de montañas con neblina
Fotografía de un paisaje con montañistas recorriendo un sendero en la montaña

In the surroundings, you will find other interesting destinations worth visiting. Alcalá la Real will surprise you with its majestic La Mota Fortress, a unique historical complex in Spain. Alcaudete also boasts a well-preserved castle that will transport you back in time. Additionally, you cannot miss exploring other nearby towns, such as Priego de Córdoba, known for its historical charm, or Almedinilla, where you can visit a fascinating Roman villa.

Despite being surrounded by mountains, Castillo de Locubín has excellent connections. Through convenient roads, we are only 50 minutes away from the cities of Jaén and Granada, which have airports and high-speed train stations. Additionally, in just over an hour, you can reach Córdoba, a historic gem full of charm.

For nature lovers, the area offers numerous routes to explore. The Gollizno Route in Moclín, the Zumaques Route in Alcalá la Real, or the ascent to La Camuña are just a few of the options available. Furthermore, cycling enthusiasts can enjoy bike routes along the Vía Verde del Aceite, discovering stunning landscapes while pedaling.

At El Jardín de Castillo, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of our surroundings and explore all the wonders that the Sierra Sur de Jaén has to offer. Whether you seek the tranquility of nature, cultural richness, or outdoor adventure, here you will find the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!


At El Jardín de Castillo, you will not only discover an exceptional natural environment but also unique and surprising gastronomy. The Sierra Sur de Jaén is renowned for its magnificent extra virgin olive oil, produced in renowned mills such as Molino de las Torres. This premium oil is not only a delight for the palate but is also used in the creation of excellent cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil.

But that’s not all, the region is known for its cherry-related products, such as delicious cherry jam and cherry liqueur. These flavorful products are a true delight for the senses.

Additionally, you cannot miss the magnificent artisan cheeses of the area, which will delight cheese lovers with their authenticity. And for wine lovers, the Marcelino Serrano and Campoameno wineries offer a selection of exceptional wines, made with passion and care.

Another culinary treasure of the region is the fava beans, and in the area, you will find the famous company Mata, renowned for the quality of its products. Additionally, the fertile Vega of the San Juan River provides an abundant variety of garden products, from fresh vegetables to seasonal fruits.

At El Jardín de Castillo, we invite you to indulge your senses with the authentic and unique flavors of our region. Explore the gastronomic treasures we offer and let yourself be seduced by the culinary richness of the Sierra Sur de Jaén. We are confident that it will surprise and conquer your palate. Enjoy the magnificent and undiscovered gastronomy that this land has to offer!

Foto desde arriba de un vaso de cristal lleno de aceite sobre un tronco cortado