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El Jardín de Castillo ofrece una amplia variedad de actividades y experiencias para sus huéspedes, con el objetivo de promover el desarrollo personal, el bienestar, la salud mental, el crecimiento profesional, la conexión con la naturaleza y la cultura local. A continuación, se presenta un resumen de las actividades y servicios disponibles:

Personal Development
and Well-being

  • Tranquil and harmonious spaces to reconnect with calmness and nature.
  • Possibility of engaging in individual activities such as yoga and meditation.
  • Multifunctional space for specific personal development and well-being programs.
  • Therapeutic massage services and nutritional assistance.
  • Training programs on healthy living and mindful eating.
Mujer de espaldas practicando Yoga en lo alto de un pico de montaña
Fotografía de un primer plano de la espalda de una mujer en lo alto de una montaña

Mental Health

  • Activities related to improving mental health and personal well-being.
  • Collaboration with local and regional authorities to promote preventive well-being.
  • Focus on preventing depression and anxiety.

Professional or Corporate Development

  • Ideal for professional training in a rural environment.
  • Programs focused on talent, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and resilience.
  • Targeted at executive-level personnel in companies.


  • Certification as a starlight accommodation in a low light pollution area.
  • Organization of astronomy workshops and courses.
  • Training in techniques for caring for and preventing light pollution.

Remote Work and Digital Nomads

  • Tailored services for remote workers and digital nomads.
  • Rural environment that promotes relaxation, calmness, and well-being.
  • Telecommunication infrastructure and coworking spaces.

Agricultural Activities

  • Didactic and fun experiences related to working in the field.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of olive cultivation and extra virgin olive oil production.
  • Visits to olive groves, olive mills, and olive oil tastings.
  • Connection with the land and learning about sustainability.


  • Hiking and cycling routes through natural trails.
  • Knowledge of the flora, fauna, and picturesque places of the Sierra Sur de Jaén.
  • Adventure tourism, such as the vía ferrata of Castillo de Locubín.
  • Forest exploitation and activities for connecting with the natural environment.

Monuments and Culture

  • Exploration of the cultural and monumental heritage of nearby provinces.
  • Prominent places of interest, such as Castillo de Locubín, Alcalá la Real, Priego de Córdoba, among others.

Music - Intimate Concerts

  • Garden and lookout terrace suitable for hosting small-format concerts during the summer.

Social Development - Social Innovation

  • Multipurpose center for social innovation, focused on inclusion, integration, and personal care projects.
  • Alliance with the organization New Project for the development of social innovation projects.


In summary, El Jardín de Castillo offers a wide range of activities and services aimed at promoting personal development, well-being, connection with nature, and local culture. Additionally, El Jardín de Castillo is also committed to social innovation and community development.

Fotografía de una mujer de espaldas en un campo