Castillo de Locubín Turns Red: The Cherry Festival

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Fiesta de la cereza de Castillo de Locubín. Jaen


1. Castillo de Locubín celebra la 39 edición de la Fiesta de la Cereza del 7 al 9 de junio de 2024.
2. La fiesta ofrece degustaciones de cerezas, gastronomía local, música en vivo y actividades para toda la familia.
3. El evento es una oportunidad para disfrutar del sabor de la cereza, la cultura andaluza y el encanto de Castillo de Locubín.

In the heart of Andalusia, where the Vega del Río San Juan is adorned with greens and reds, lies Castillo de Locubín. A town with a unique flavor, imbued with tradition and love for the land, which year after year celebrates an event that pays homage to its most prized fruit: the cherry.

A fruit with history:

The cherry, with its shiny skin and sweet taste, not only conquers palates, but also forms part of the cultural fabric of Castillo de Locubín. Its flowers, which bloom in spring with a white mantle that announces life, become juicy fruits in late May and early June, filling the town with an intense red that invites celebration.

The cherry, an economic engine:

Castillo de Locubín not only delights in the taste of the cherry, but also turns it into an economic engine. In the town’s industrial estate is located one of the main companies that processes the cherries of the region, being responsible for preparing them for the renowned company Ferrero Roché.

39 years of tradition: The Cherry Festival:

In 1984, the Encina Hermosa Women’s Association of Castillo de Locubín had a visionary initiative: to celebrate the Cherry Festival. An event that, over 39 editions, has become a cultural and gastronomic reference for the region.

A weekend full of flavor:

The Parque de Castillo de Locubín becomes the epicenter of the festival. The stands of fresh cherries and regional products invite you to a journey of flavors and aromas. Gastronomy takes center stage with the preparation and tasting of the traditional manta castillera, a typical dessert that fuses the sweetness of the cherry with the texture of the dough.

The nights are filled with music and joy with musical performances that extend until the early hours of the morning. A festive atmosphere that invites you to enjoy with family and friends.

Discover the festival and the tranquility:

El Jardín de Castillo offers you the opportunity to experience the Cherry Festival firsthand. Enjoy the celebration and, at the same time, find a refuge of peace and serenity in our accommodation.

In 2024, from June 7 to 9, Castillo de Locubín awaits you to celebrate the 39th edition of the Cherry Festival. A weekend full of flavor, tradition and joy that will leave you with a sweet and unforgettable memory.

Check the complete program on the official website of the Castillo de Locubín City Council.

We hope to see you there!